We are a worker-owned frame building cooperative that specializes in custom steel bicycle frames. We are one of dozens of small framebuilders, so what makes us & our bikes different? If you shop around you will likely find that the difference is that our bikes are the best bikes on the bloody planet.


We may be North America's most sarcastic frame builder, but we're not prone to false modesty here at Circle A Cycles. That being said, we'll not mince words: we build the best bikes on the planet. People stop me on the street and ask, "Is it true that Circle A Cycles builds the best bikes on the planet?" This is what I tell them: "To be honest - and I do prefer to be honest - yes. Yes we do." So there you have it.


It's not just the materials, the processes, the procedures. We've been doing this, some of us, for nearly ten years. We learn, adjust, perfect. But you expect that.

But the real reason ours are the best is because of love. We love bikes, and we love to build bikes, more than anyone else. For us, bikes aren't toys or simple transportation or art. They represent a human scaled and powered future. They are the revolution. But more on that later.

Oh yeah, love. So: we love bikes, building bikes; we love you the bicycle consumer and we love the market that brings us together. Allright, that was a lie. We hate the market and all it stands for, the commodification of life and desire and values. We hate all authority and all oppression. But what Circle A Cycles really hates is what the market has done to bikes - turning them into toothless playthings of yuppies. It's a radical technology, folks, but there's a whole lot of marketing going on. There's lots of gear and lots of money to be spent, but the only thing you need is to ride. Ride places other people drive; ride places you used to drive. Ride in a fabulous gown or a tuxedo. Ride an old Schwinn with coaster brakes. Ride a Huffy tandem with your best friend. Ride one of our bikes if you want. But please. Ride.

Circle A Cycles   |   523 Charles Street   |   Providence, RI   |   401.831.5221   |   info@circleacycles.com
background: Dave Wilcox and his bike which he raced in the 2009 Oregon Manifest. (reveal)

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