Bottom bracket replacement

So between frames I’m doing a fun little repair which is replacing a bottom bracket shell. The BB was seized in there and the shell was slightly mangled so this was pretty much the only option. In this instance, it’s a fillet brazed frame so it’s not as tragic as it could’ve been. The brass held everything together nicely. After cutting the old one out and grinding out what remained of the shell, the new one slid right in. Check out the pics.

img_8219.jpg img_8218.jpg
img_8214.jpg img_8222.jpg

It’s like a big bike, only smaller.

So the second and third fillet brazed Circle A flatland frames are complete as of this morning. Hope Jon and Jared are happy with the final product. I tried to document the process from start to finish for Jon. I kind of like the visual updates so I’ll probably be doing that for my future builds. Here are some pics for those who don’t have the patience for the slideshows.

img_8211.jpg img_8207.jpg img_8203.jpg