Bike + Car Door =

This repair came into the shop and made me realize that getting doored must be pretty painful. The downtube on this Casati is in the process of being replaced (duh). It’s a damn shame too, that pink was so beautiful. It hurt cutting it out. Note the gap in the head tube miter. Hopefully I’ll get it tighter than what it came in with. Yikes. I’ll post some more pics when the grinding is done and the new tube is in.

Casati Downtube Headtube cut BB Cut

Flat is back.

It’s looking like I’ll be building a bunch of flatland frames in the coming months. After Jared and Jon got theirs, a little bit of interest has been generated. So expect pictures of tiny frames in the coming weeks. But for now, there’s the buzz on Global-Flat.

Mike’s single speed

The frame I’ve been working on for the past month for my friend Mike is finally built up and rolling. It’s built with Zona tubes, our new tiny track drops, and a sleek Everest sloping fork crown. Check out the full slideshow here or just check out these choice pics. The black is so hot, the clear is still liquid! Not really.

BB close up Tiny dropouts
Seat cluster Fork crown
Seat tube Front view

Like the animal, not the town

Finished the paint on the Lyon last week but am finally getting around to uploading some shots of it. Pretty happy with the way it came out. Ended up not using the downtube decals sent from Lyonsport but scanned them and made some that seemed more like the ones it came in with. More pics can be seen here.

Lyon side view Lyon seat panel