Less driving, more riding.

So life is crazy. And I’ll share some of it with you in two fun little slide shows. On Saturday, three of us drove to the town of York, PA where we rode our flatland bikes in a parking lot for 5 hours (after driving for over 14 there and back). It was an amazingly fun time and I have the sunburn to prove it…and the pictures.

Then, as soon as I arrived in Providence on Sunday afternoon, I headed downtown to the Cox Classic to watch some friends try and kill themselves with speed. They came close. Here are the shots of that.

And the shop is coming along nicely. I’ll have more shots of our progress very soon.

One thought on “Less driving, more riding.”

  1. …every time I look at pictures of people flatlanding I am blown away again. where will they go from that position? where does that foot or hand go next? it is beyond my comprehension. pretty amazing…

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