George Street Bike Challenge for Major Taylor

I should mention that the George Street hill climb happened Sunday in Worcester as it has since 2002. The Major Taylor Association and Barney’s Bicycle have been holding the event to raise money to build a statue downtown to commemorate Major Taylor. The race is only 500 feet long at an 18 percent average grade but it’s a ton of fun. A bunch of us from Providence like to go and ride up on fixed gear bikes hoping that we’ve chosen the perfect gear. There’s always a couple of Circle A’s going up and here are a couple of shots to prove it. More shots can be found here.

Nathan Brian ASG
Noah Hannah

Waiting for paint

Here’s the latest update on the flatland frame. The brazing is complete and I just have a little more work to do on the dropouts. Otherwise it’s ready for paint. And that happens early next week as the paint booth at the shop is finally complete. Also, next week I should be busy with a dropout replacement and I’m starting a cyclocross frame for my friend Hannah. I’ll be posting the progress here. That is all for now.

Seat cluster Bottom bracket
Seat cluster The front end
Dropouts Dropout detail
Head tube The frame

More of Henry’s frame

It’s starting to look more like a frame now. I have all the tubes tacked together and a fillet built up on the bottom bracket. Today I finish the rest of the joints and then the bridges. Then the clean up work. Fun.

The frame Bottom Bracket 1 Bottom Bracket 2

Henry’s flatland frame

The shop is finally getting to the point of being fully functional now. It’s still a mess but we’re pretty eager to work and get it configured to our liking. It ain’t pretty yet but we’re getting there.

The messy shop The bench

I’ve started on my first frame here and it’s a flatland frame for my friend Henry. It’s a bit of a challenge as I’m trying something different for him with a more “traditional” flatland style with a gusseted front end for foot clearance. Check the pics. The brazing should start tomorrow followed by another update.

The gusset The carved set post sleeve.

Lite-brite on acid

I recently did a little bit of testing of a funky LED bike light system that mounts on the wheels. The engineer who designed them, Dan, wanted to see them on a flatland bike in action. It was a fun evening and it definitely turned a lot of heads. Check out the video (6.8 MB).