So your bike was run over by a car…

I’m an idiot for not getting pictures of this bike before I cut it apart. It’s an old Reynolds 531 Motobecane Grand Record that had its back end crushed by a car. We were asked to replace the rear end salvaging the Campagnolo dropouts and reuse the original bridges and seat stay caps. Well, all went well except for the seat stay caps which practically disintegrated when I was pulling them off. So here was my first attempt at doing a wrap around seat stay cap. Looks good to me and after clean-up it’ll look even better.

The new rear end Seat stay caps

I took a bunch of pictures of Hannah’s frame and am going to update the gallery momentarily. Here are a couple shots and a slideshow of the build process for anyone interested.

Hannah’s frame Hannah

Other things going on that are fun are a Ritchey dropout replacement on a Kona. Hooray. I’ll be painting the back end of it tomorrow. I guess that’s it. I should be cutting tubes for Jack’s bike tomorrow. I’ll see how much I can get done. More to come soon.

The bent dropout Brazing in the new dropout Brazed dropout

Hannah’s is done. Cross racing begins.

Hannah’s paint is finished and I’ll add pictures to the gallery soon enough. But for now, here’s a sneak peak at the finished product.

In the paint booth From the back
The seat cluster The frame

Last September I had built a frame for Dan Langlois but never had the chance to take pictures of it. After a season of cross and doing a bunch of traveling, the well-used frame returned to the shop. so here’s a shot of Dan getting it back together. I painted a stem to match it as well. The cross season technically starts on Sunday for Dan with a race up in Agawam, MA. Good luck, man.

Dan’s cross frame The stem

Speaking of bikes returning to the shop, this red star fade bike has been making the rounds. It’s temporary home is for now at the shop. The original owner bent the seat stay and he sold it to a friend who had us replace the stay and repaint it. I should say right now that I will never do a paint job like this again.

Star fade

Two more cross bikes to do this week including one for Jack at the Hub and one for ME! Yes, me. I will be thoroughly testing one of my fillet brazed cross frames this year. Can’t wait. More pics to come soon.

Busy, busy, busy

So Henry’s flatland frame has been painted and shipped. Here are the shots of it before it went off to Cali.

The front Etched
The bars. WTP Fork
The back end. The frame.

In other news, Hannah’s bike is still coming along nicely. I filed and sanded all the fillets and will hopefully be painting her frame by the end of the week. I also used some layout dye to mark a design in the seat tube extension to match the reinforcements that will be on the headtube.

Head tube Seat cluster Rear end.
Layout dye. Chopping away. The carved seat tube.
Canti bosses

I did a bit of painting for John Cully over at Echelon late last week. Here are some close-up shots of that.

Echelon Echelon

And lastly, Chris, Emily and I went over to Truro, MA for our friends’ Niki and Brendan’s wedding this past weekend. A few of us rode out there and had an amazing time. Congratulations kids!

Me and Lee Emily Me and Chris