Busy, busy, busy

So Henry’s flatland frame has been painted and shipped. Here are the shots of it before it went off to Cali.

The front Etched
The bars. WTP Fork
The back end. The frame.

In other news, Hannah’s bike is still coming along nicely. I filed and sanded all the fillets and will hopefully be painting her frame by the end of the week. I also used some layout dye to mark a design in the seat tube extension to match the reinforcements that will be on the headtube.

Head tube Seat cluster Rear end.
Layout dye. Chopping away. The carved seat tube.
Canti bosses

I did a bit of painting for John Cully over at Echelon late last week. Here are some close-up shots of that.

Echelon Echelon

And lastly, Chris, Emily and I went over to Truro, MA for our friends’ Niki and Brendan’s wedding this past weekend. A few of us rode out there and had an amazing time. Congratulations kids!

Me and Lee Emily Me and Chris

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