So your bike was run over by a car…

I’m an idiot for not getting pictures of this bike before I cut it apart. It’s an old Reynolds 531 Motobecane Grand Record that had its back end crushed by a car. We were asked to replace the rear end salvaging the Campagnolo dropouts and reuse the original bridges and seat stay caps. Well, all went well except for the seat stay caps which practically disintegrated when I was pulling them off. So here was my first attempt at doing a wrap around seat stay cap. Looks good to me and after clean-up it’ll look even better.

The new rear end Seat stay caps

I took a bunch of pictures of Hannah’s frame and am going to update the gallery momentarily. Here are a couple shots and a slideshow of the build process for anyone interested.

Hannah’s frame Hannah

Other things going on that are fun are a Ritchey dropout replacement on a Kona. Hooray. I’ll be painting the back end of it tomorrow. I guess that’s it. I should be cutting tubes for Jack’s bike tomorrow. I’ll see how much I can get done. More to come soon.

The bent dropout Brazing in the new dropout Brazed dropout

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