Progress on my cross frame

Here are a couple pics of the naked frame before it gets sand blasted and painted. The fork going on it is a Ritchey WCS carbon cyclocross fork which should arrive later this week. In the meantime, I’ll be designing a very small ladies step through frame for our friend Michelle. I’ll upload pictures as it comes together.

img_0073.jpg img_0077.jpg
img_0082.jpg img_0080.jpg
img_0078.jpg img_0075.jpg

Repaints, repairs, and my cross frame

So a couple of bikes have been in the works at the shop including this Witcomb track frame that was in for a repaint. Here are a couple shots of the lugs, crown, and shell which were the most difficult for me to mask.

Witcomb seat lug Witcomb BB shell
Witcomb fork Witcomb frame
Witcomb crown Witcomb head tube

That Motobecane that was run over by a car is also ready to go. We’re not doing the paint on it so it’s heading out like this.

Motobecane BB shell Motobecane dropouts
Motobecane bridge Motobecane frame

Jack stopped by the shop to show us his built up Green Jake cross bike. Looks pretty sweet if you ask me. The tubes for my frame are already mitered and in the jig. I brazed it together today and will be uploading more pics this weekend. Hopefully much progress is made.

Jack’s Green Jake Brian’s CX frame

And lastly, that flatland frame I built for Henry a while back is assembled and ready to ride. He uploaded some pictures to Global-Flat here.

Jack’s completed cross frame

Just finished with jack’s frame this weekend. Here are the latest pictures of it. The complete slideshow can be seen here. My frame is next and then it’s to the races for some R&D.

Things have been chugging along at the shop. It’s September and we’re still not entirely set up. Go figure. Maybe we’ll have an open house someday. Speaking of which, Ant Bike Mike will be having his on October 6th so mark your calendar.

img_9826.jpg img_9789.jpg
img_9812.jpg img_9796.jpg
img_9827.jpg img_9788.jpg

Team cross frame number 3 coming up

The second team cross frame is coming together nicely. This one is for Jack at the Hub. Here are the latest shots of it.

The seat cluster Bottom bracket
Fork tips The fork
The back end The headtube
The frame