Brent’s hill climbing machine

Brent Wetters’ lugged frame is more than underway right now. I’m finally uploading some pics of it as it’s already mostly brazed together. Brent is planning on racing this thing up many a hill which I can’t wait to see how he does. You can stay up to date on his racing on it here

dscn3074.jpg dscn3072.jpg
dscn3069.jpg dscn3071.jpg

I also finished the paint on my cross frame and am building it up right now because I’m pretty eager to ride it this weekend at the A.N.T. open house. Here are some pics of the finished product and as usual, here’s the slideshow.

img_0161.jpg img_0123.jpg img_0156.jpg
img_0166.jpg img_0169.jpg img_0160.jpg

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