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The Circle A open house and Brent’s completed frame.

October 17th, 2007

All right, sorry for the late notice but for all interested, Circle A is having an open house on Sunday the 21st. Here are the details from Chris:

“That’s right, it’s been six years in Providence, and after a few months we’re more or less settled at the new space on Charles Street.

Come by on Sunday and we’ll recall fondly our tales of road rash, homicidal drivers, tours de beer, and that time you got your cuff stuck in your crank and it pulled your pants off.

Oh wait that was me.

Garrett will be rocking out the fancy espresso drinks and I’m sure there will be beer and pretzels from Job Lot or something.

2 PM – weather permitting, come early with your bike and we’ll have a nice leasurely ride, maybe to Lincoln Woods or Blackstone or something.

4-7 PM This would be the actual event with the coffee and beer and stuff.

Tell your friends, bring your bike, and especially bring your Circle A if you have one, we’d love to get a good group grope. I mean photo.

523 Charles Street, just south of Branch Ave., walk past the garden and there we are. If you’re driving, park on Charles.

Questions, comments, etc, call us. 401-831-5221.

Thanks! Chris, Brian and Emily will be there too!”

On a separate note, Brent’s frame is done. Just need to add Frame Saver and polish the badge. Here are some pics and if you come to the open house, you can see it in person. More pics can be seen here.

img_0279.jpg img_0283.jpg
img_0291.jpg img_0293.jpg
img_0296.jpg img_0297.jpg

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    October 19th, 2007 at 9:09 am

    [...] also posted some pictures of my bike (along with an announcement of an open house on Sunday where my bike will be a guest of honor.) [...]

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