Brian Fu’s trick track frame, a halloween alleycat, and more.

This week was dedicated to building a track frame that will be traveling halfway around the world to Hong Kong when it’s done. I was unaware of the fixed gear bike culture in Hong Kong but was made aware by Brian Fu who will be the proud owner of this Circle A. There was one non-standard request for this frame which was that he wants the bars to be able to spin 360°. This requires super long top tube, steep seat tube and head tube angles, and little to no rake on the fork. Exciting stuff but the challenge lies in the restrictions of it being a lugged frame. Lots of grinding and shaping to get the right angles. It’s made using Henry James’ lugs, Paul Components’ dropouts with integrated tensioners, and Columbus’ new Spirit for Lugs tubeset. Here are some pics of the progress so far.

img_0357.jpg img_0359.jpg
img_0358.jpg img_0356.jpg

So I should’ve mentioned this here BEFORE it happened but today was the big Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween Alleycat here in Providence, RI. I’m sorry I spaced. There was a great turnout nonetheless. Mike Bike won it and chose a Circle A repaint as his prize. Hannah was first for women. Congratulations! I brought out the cross bike and rode almost the whole race with Marty from Geekhouse. It was such a good time. Bobby runs a tight ship. Keep up the great work!

img_5818.jpg img_5819.jpg
img_5822.jpg img_5823.jpg
img_5828.jpg img_5830.jpg

Emily wanted to see some pics of my built up cross bike on here so here they are. It’s only been raced once so far (unless you count the alleycat) but that will be changing very soon. Clearly built up with lots of Ritchey stuff and a Campy Centaur drivetrain.

img_0347.jpg img_0348.jpg
img_0346.jpg img_0343.jpg

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