The beginnings of Michelle’s frame

So the latest frame I’m working on is a fillet brazed 650b touring/commuting frame for our friend Michelle. It’s a tiny 34cm frame which looks to fit her perfectly. I’m very happy to have had some long brazing sessions this week as the shop is now at a brisk 45°. Just about time to turn on the heat. Here’s the progress of the frame so far.

img_0692.jpg img_0686.jpg img_0691.jpg
img_0687.jpg img_0690.jpg img_0694.jpg

Brian Fu’s frame is done, other repaints, and repairs.

Brian Fu’s frame is complete with the smoothest finish I’ve ever done. Here are some of the pics of the completed project and the slideshow of the whole process. Special thanks to Joseph Ng for volunteering to transport this frame halfway around the globe to Hong Kong!

img_0486.jpg img_0479.jpg
img_0495.jpg img_0489.jpg
img_0484.jpg img_0474.jpg
img_0477.jpg img_0488.jpg

I’m also in the middle of a repair on an old Viking. It has seen its share of repairs already with a downtube replacement and a sloppy conversion to a geared bike. Well, the hanger and brake bridge have been removed and the downtube has been replaced. A replacement fork was built and the Viking transfers are being hunted down. Here are the pics of the bike in progress.

img_0414.jpg img_0465.jpg
img_0470.jpg img_0498.jpg

I’ve also spent a bit of time in the paint booth on a bike for Echelon Cycle Works. This frame is dark green with black panels and little “-dB” logos all over it. Here are the pics of that.

img_0434.jpg img_0437.jpg
img_0435.jpg img_0440.jpg

And in the hopper is a small fillet brazed 650b frame and fork for my friend Michelle. The tube set is in hand and construction begins this week. Stay tuned for more updates.