Michelle’s plaid paint and starting Stephen’s frame

This was my first time painting a plaid pattern on a bike. Maybe not my last time either because it has been requested before. It ended up being six different layers of paint to get the right pattern. When Michelle asked for plaid, I wanted to say no but an article on instructables.com made me think it wasn’t that bad. And it wasn’t. Just a bit tedious. I found a plaid I liked, converted it to a layered EPS file, cut it out of vinyl, and started painting. Here are the pics of the frame before polishing and the build up. More to see here.

img_0754.jpg img_0755.jpg img_0758.jpg

I’ve also started a road frame last week and have a fork and the beginnings of the frame done. Here are the pics of that progress.

img_0724.jpg img_0725.jpg
img_0727.jpg img_0726.jpg

I also done more work on the Viking but am waiting for transfers from the UK. I’ll also be posting pictures of Garrett’s repaint in the coming days. Check back soon!

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