Garrett’s paint, a bearded woman, and the whiskey dog

Garrett, who shares the space at Circle A repairing espresso machines, stripped his bike and had us repaint it and make it new again. Here are the pictures of it in all it’s classiness.

img_0833.jpg img_0856.jpg img_0839.jpg
img_0835.jpg img_0832.jpg

I had a small photo shoot with Michelle’s bike at the same time so here are some more pictures of that. I’ll have even MORE pictures of it when it’s all built up.

img_0780.jpg img_0792.jpg img_0781.jpg
img_0793.jpg img_0785.jpg img_0803.jpg
img_0801.jpg img_0795.jpg

She brought in a birthday/xmas/thanks-for-building-me-a-bike present which was a bottle of Jameson 18 year old whiskey complete with whiskey dog decanter! Thank you, thank you, thank you!


And Mike Taylor has been in the shop painting an amazing bearded woman on the big white wall near the entrance. I’m so happy to see her every morning. Makes me smile. Here she is in all her glory.


4 thoughts on “Garrett’s paint, a bearded woman, and the whiskey dog”

  1. Check out Brian Fu’s Circle A frame all built up in Hong Kong (at! I rode it today in Hong Kong, one of the scariest rides I’ve done in my life. Note the fact that it has NO BRAKES. I don’t think I’ll do that again. EVER.

  2. I can’t believe how beautiful it turned out! I think I spend about 3 hours a day looking at these pictures.

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