Happy birthday Mr. Bull…and other important stuff

So today is the big day for the founding father of Circle A. Happy day, brother.

Also, Stephen’s frame is done, primed, painted, cleared, polished, and ready for parts which should be here in a day or two. When I painted this bike, I tried out a new technique using a liquid mask around the lugs and bottom bracket. It was fun to work with and I plan on using it more on future frames. I’ll have a full photo shoot with it very soon but for now here’s where it’s at.

img_1050.jpg img_1060.jpg
img_1052.jpg img_1053.jpg img_1058.jpg
img_1074.jpg img_1077.jpg
img_1078.jpg img_1079.jpg
img_1091.jpg img_1093.jpg
img_1089.jpg img_1097.jpg

It’s been abnormally warm so far this January. So much so that we’ve actually had the garage door open some days. The weather has made it possible for Chris to put a new carburetor on his 1960-something Volvo without losing the shop’s precious heat.

img_1072.jpg img_1064.jpg

Micah’s frame is very close to completion. The front end is all brazed together and the fork is complete. I anticipate finishing up by the end of the week. I just need to do a bunch of sanding and filing and then work with him on the paint.


And Michelle’s bike was built up and looks incredible! I’m happy with the silver and green combo. This is one classy ride.


Among other things going on at the shop, we have no real heat so this guy has become our best friend.


We tried running it on vegetable oil because it says that it can run on almost any fuel. It really just smoked a lot and spat hot oil out the front. After trying several kerosene/vegetable cocktails, we decided that heat was overrated. Or that Garrett needs to get about a dozen more full size espresso machines in the shop and leave ’em on 24 hours a day.

Sarah (who’s on the list to get a frame) stopped by the shop recently out of the blue and brought us some amazing cupcakes. I ate three and left the birthday boy one. I’m trying to bulk up.


Next on the agenda is a 3RENSHO repair, my beard attempt, cyclocross race season wrap up, and more! Woo hoo!