Eggplant, coral, lace, and so much more!

So much has been happening in January! Where to start. Well, Stephen’s bike has been assembled, Micah’s bike is ready for parts, Hilary’s frame is completed and built up, Sarah’s coming up next with a cyclo-touring machine, Joe’s Viking decals finally came in from the UK, and Ricardo’s 3RENSHO is ready to be rebuilt. Phew.

Stephen came in yesterday with his Specialized to migrate the parts over to his Circle A. Everything went smooth and today was gorgeous so I’m sure we”ll hear the verdict on how it rode very soon. Here are some shots of the finished frame and the making of it.

img_1301.jpg img_1296.jpg img_1298.jpg img_1286.jpg
img_1292.jpg img_1313.jpg img_1312.jpg
img_1310.jpg img_1305.jpg img_1302.jpg
img_1455.jpg img_1457.jpg

Micah’s frame was also completed recently with the most original color scheme I’ve seen in a long time. It’s a metallic eggplant, coral panels, and gold bands. Looks AMAZING! This one was built up with Dedacciai Zero tubing and Paramount lugs. Here’s the finished product and as usual, the slideshow.

img_1261.jpg img_1238.jpg img_1266.jpg
img_1263.jpg img_1326.jpg img_1280.jpg
img_1267.jpg img_1235.jpg img_1236.jpg

I also built a bike for my girlfriend Hilary’s birthday. It wasn’t a surprise because I had to get measurements to design the frame. The frame is built with Columbus Spirit for Lugs tubing (thanks Richard), Paramount lugs (thanks Kirk), and an old set of Reynolds 531 fork blades (thanks Owen). I did some fancy-shmancy vent holes in the head tube and some old styling cut outs on the BB shell. I also used the ultra-svelte single speed dropouts that we have cut over in Pawtucket. I brazed some stainless plates on them and then polished them up. The lace design was her idea and came out very classy. We actually went to the fabric store to find a nice lace pattern, scanned it in, and made an EPS file out of it to cut the vinyl mask out. Our old Roland vinyl cutter is somewhat of a relic so it wasn”t too happy with the intricacies of the lace. There’s an extensive slideshow of the build here.

img_1161.jpg img_1370.jpg img_1377.jpg img_1365.jpg
img_1368.jpg img_1391.jpg img_1382.jpg
img_1418.jpg img_1416.jpg img_1385.jpg
img_1384.jpg img_1374.jpg img_1461.jpg

And finally, cross season ended over a month ago and I haven’t even mentioned that it totally changed my life. I need to personally thank everyone who made my first season so much fun including Jack, Hannah, Dan, Adam, Scotty, Scott G., and NBX. I never knew beer and bikes went so well together. So as a result, my plan for 2008 is to start off riding mostly flatland, move onto the road bike mid-summer, and then ride cross for the fall and winter. Year-round on a bike sounds like fun, right? Here are some choice shots from this season for your entertainment.

dan_hannah.jpg hannah.jpg
bmc-cx.jpg dan_podium.jpg