I’m sad to see you go, Sheldon Brown.

There are a lot of knowledgeable people out there on the topic of bicycles but Sheldon seemed to be the most widely known because of his web site which contains more bike information than than any other. I hope it stays up and running in his honor. My thoughts go out to his friends and family.

Read more about Sheldon here.

3 thoughts on “I’m sad to see you go, Sheldon Brown.”

  1. That’s terrible. I spent countless hours staring at his gear calculator, trying to figure out the best gear combinations for my new bike. Just last night I ended up there trying to find out information on rear fork spacing. Even though I’d never met him, I kind of felt like I knew him from the site. A sad day indeed…

  2. Thats horrible. I’m building up a single speed mountain bike and Sheldon Brown’s website basically the only thing making that possible. Brent, I agree, I feel like I know him from the site too. I send my regards…

  3. My deepest grief. He ‘saved’ me up –with his web site– from making bad decisions on maintaining and upgrading my bicycle. RIP, ‘daddy’! Thank you for abiding us, Indonesian bike-tourers.

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