A 3RENSHO, a Viking, and Your Mom

Micah came and built up his frame a couple of weeks ago. We spent a small part of a freezing Saturday afternoon putting some nice parts on his beautiful new frame.


Ricardo picked up the 3RENSHO which came out wonderful as well. I was very pleased with the lug matching (thanks in part to Joseph for tracing the old ones for me).

img_1556.jpg img_1532.jpg img_1535.jpg 
img_1542.jpg img_1548.jpg img_1553.jpg

Joe’s Viking is another inspirational restoration. This was an old one but definitely worth redoing with its Nervex lugs. The seat cluster in particular was my favorite. I like the way the stays clasp the seat lug so much that I ended up using it on Ken’s upcoming single speed. Here are the pictures of the completed bike.

img_1581.jpg img_1576.jpg img_1580.jpg img_1566.jpg
img_1569.jpg img_1570.jpg img_1571.jpg

Sarah’s cyclo-touring machine is ready for her super fancy paint job. I finished it last week but we’re still working out the details of the paint. More to come soon.

img_1485.jpg img_1493.jpg
img_1526.jpg img_1527.jpg img_1529.jpg

3 thoughts on “A 3RENSHO, a Viking, and Your Mom”

  1. Ah ha, that is what happened to that 3 rensho that was on ebay. I was hoping someone would save it but damn that is a lot of work to save a frame… Mostly when it was no come by on the cheap.

  2. Brian really likes his engraving machine. Even more so now he got it work mo’ betta.

    Look at that lug lining! Hot.
    That metallic blue really came out spectacularly in the end.

  3. I helped save a couple of ebay frames in the past few years( good eye Travis) . I have been lucky to find 2 frames that were crashed or damaged
    but could be rebuilt by skilled frame builders.
    One was a California-built Masi Gran Criterium 62cm-tubes had been
    attacked by an angry wife+hammer, rebuilt by an original Masi builder
    in Calif.
    The other was this 62cm 3Rensho that I have been looking for in my size,
    for many years, front end crashed+no fork. I can’t say enough good things about the job that Brian had done to rebuild/hand file+match lugs on this
    bike. What a beautiful job! Not too many builders have the skill to do what Brian did. So in the end I saved-at some expense-A beautiful
    California Masi and an equally beautiful 3Rensho,both of which were
    well worth preserving.

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