Who says pesto and dark chocolate don’t go great together?

So many bikes since my last post! I finished Sarah’s cyclocross/touring machine, Ken’s bike looks outstanding, I built a single speed for myself in the after hours, and Adam’s number 150 is well underway. Chris and I also did a couple of paint jobs for Dwight Bowen of Bowen Bicycle Works out of Connecticut. I spent the greater part of last week in the paint booth so forgive for the delay in these updates.

First off, Sarah’s paint scheme was amazing. She came to me with an idea that included a damask pattern. I didn’t even know what the word meant and when I saw the sample patterns I got a little nervous. The vinyl cutter we use is pretty old and has difficulty doing detailed patterns but everything worked out in the end. I’m especially pleased with one of my premiere forays into lug lining. The gold is subtle and gives it that classy Victorian look.

dscn3230.jpg dscn3231.jpg dscn3235.jpg
dscn3232.jpg dscn3240.jpg
dscn3242.jpg dscn3229.jpg
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Ken’s frame and fork wasn’t that shabby either. I used some Richard Sachs Nuovo Richie lugs for the first time and really like the look of the cutouts. I also used a new (to me) seat stay attachment style which I borrowed from the recently restored Viking. Ken did a lot of tweaking in Illustrator getting the final paint job down. I was skeptical on how the coffee milk colored fork would look but I think he made the right choice. The dark chocolate/coffee milk scheme has me craving mousse. And more lug lining practice here. There a whole lot of lug action going on so the pressure was on to have a steady hand. It all came out fine in the end.

dscn3267.jpg dscn3259.jpg dscn3258.jpg
dscn3256.jpg dscn3253.jpg dscn3250.jpg
dscn3272.jpg dscn3266.jpg dscn3263.jpg
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I spent most of last weekend and early this week on a frame and fork for myself. We can never have too many bikes, right? This is a single-speed-all-around-town-and-then-some bike. My old single speed is racing through the streets of Philadelphia under its new owner, Jonny

dscn3310.jpg dscn3309.jpg
dscn3313.jpg dscn3306.jpg

And after a TON of carving on his bottom bracket shell, Adam’s is well underway. Totally starting to look like a bike. There will be more entries about mine and Adam’s next week when painting begins. Stay tuned.

img_1619.jpg img_1631.jpg
dscn3303.jpg dscn3304.jpg
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3 thoughts on “Who says pesto and dark chocolate don’t go great together?”

  1. Any that I meet that says they were into BMX I throw down the, oh yeah, well Brian Chapman is my home boy. More than once I have had to help folks reattach their heads. Blown clean off.

    My bike looks FRESH! I’m very excited.

  2. super FRESH, but what the heck does an anchor have to do with a bike, or virginia, or BMX, or blown offed headses?

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