Jeff’s touring rig, Adam’s club racer, and my bling bike.

After careful measurement of Adam’s seat height, I’m ready to cut down the seat mast and commit to the size. This is Circle A number 150 with fancy badge and a pretty fancy paint job as well. Painting will possibly be later this week so stay tuned for that. In the meantime here’s what it’s looking like.

img_1698.jpg img_1703.jpg
img_1705.jpg img_1710.jpg
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Jeff’s touring bike is the next on the agenda. He’s a tall guy so this one’s going to be big. The lugs have been shaped, the tubes are mitered, and the seatstays are capped. I’ll be brazing this one together today.

img_1735.jpg img_1736.jpg
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And I finished my single speed “beater”. I tried to be as low key as possible but it still looks flashy. I took the time to polish the stainless lugs and the crappy old Miche crankset from the Monson bike swap to make it like new. Over time it’ll get its chips and dents but for now I’ll just enjoy the ride. I’ll probably build a stem for it in the coming days as well. Not really feeling the clunky aluminum thing.

img_1676.jpg img_1664.jpg
img_1657.jpg img_1656.jpg
img_1633.jpg img_1652.jpg
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3 thoughts on “Jeff’s touring rig, Adam’s club racer, and my bling bike.”

  1. I just saw the photos of the paint job… holy bananas.
    It’s a neck breaker.
    Show stopper.
    Attention getter.
    Regal, beautiful machine.

    And I get to ride it!

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