Ron’s road frame and the coyote rides into the sunset.

I’ve been working on a frame non-stop since my last post but haven’t said a word about it yet. This is Ron’s road frame. I used Richard Sachs lugs with a Dedacciai Zero tubeset, Henry James dropouts, capped stays, extra cut-outs on the BB shell, etc., etc. And of course the same amount of love that goes into every frame. I’ll have pictures of the painted bike very soon as it’s already painted, just not photographed.

img_1887.jpg img_1923.jpg img_1919.jpg
img_1922.jpg img_1917.jpg img_1921.jpg
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Jeff came by the shop last week via boxcar, thumb, and foot. He lives out in Western Massachusetts right now and came to the shop to build up his frame and ride it away. The concept was so simple and perfect. If I wasn’t building my own frames, I’d do it the same way. I have a feeling this bike is going to see a LOT of miles. Here’s a happy Jeff and his new touring rig.

img_1928.jpg img_1933.jpg

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Among other things at the shop, there was a Girl Scout troop who came by on a cold Saturday afternoon and learned the ins and outs of bike repair. They were all very eager to learn and willing to get their hands a little greasy. A lot of them brought their bikes and were doing basic bike maintenance by the end of the class.


One thought on “Ron’s road frame and the coyote rides into the sunset.”

  1. I hope those girls wash their hands before making any more cookies.

    I’m trying to come up to Providence the first week of July.

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