Ron’s on the road, Steph is going fancy, Mike Taylor’s amazing paint, and stem production is up 100%

Ron called from the road after getting the Circle A built up with a positive report. He put a full Campy Centaur gruppo on it with a nice Zonda wheelset. Here are the pics of the finished product.

img_1993.jpg img_1999.jpg img_2001.jpg img_1990.jpg
img_1989.jpg img_1994.jpg img_1986.jpg
img_1981.jpg img_2005.jpg img_1977.jpg
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Steph’s single speed cross frame and fork are looking great right about now. That’s if you define dried flux and freshly brazed frames as great. It’s coming along fine and I plan on spending a good portion of this week polishing the head lugs and fork crown. Here’s the work in progress.

img_2186.jpg img_2188.jpg img_2190.jpg
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And Mike Taylor’s bike is painted and cleared. Mike is the guy who painted the bearded lady mural on the wall of the shop. This bike was Chris’ project so I’m sure you’ll hear about it again but I wanted to share the pictures I took yesterday. Mike brought the frame to us with a stuck seatpost (please don’t let yours get seized). Chris replaced the seat tube, cleaned it up, and then primed the frame. Mike went to town on the frame painting it with anything he could find. The final product is amazing and was INCREDIBLY time consuming as you could imagine. Check it out.

img_2235.jpg img_2244.jpg img_2240.jpg
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And I guess we build stems now. Get that custom stem that the bike was designed to have! With some modifications the Anvil frame jig and other frame tools were converted to build stems. This one was fillet brazed and painted to match my bike. If you’re on the list to get a frame, think about getting that matching stem to drool on as you ride.

img_1970.jpg img_1975.jpg img_2251.jpg

And Sarah’s bike is built up and riding like it was meant to be. This bike is gorgeous. Check out the final built up shots.

img_2178.jpg img_2174.jpg img_2173.jpg

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  1. Maybe I will paint the bike brown, considering I poop myself every time I think about it.

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