Socks and sweater paint

Rick’s flatland frame is done and painted a unique palette of brown, pink, tan, and white. I’m a big fan of the argyle and painting it wasn’t as hellish as I was expecting. Still it was a full day and a bunch of basecoats. It’s being assembled and hopefully he’ll be riding it later today. More pics of the completed build to come.

img_2709.jpg img_2719.jpg img_2720.jpg
img_2708.jpg img_2707.jpg
img_2711.jpg img_2729.jpg
img_2727.jpg img_2712.jpg
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Chris’s lugged cross bike is up next! It’s currently just a box of tubes but it’s going to be so much more. Sparks will be flying later today.

One thought on “Socks and sweater paint”

  1. the Brown team really needs a set of road bikes with that paint job. It would match the argyle on the jerseys perfectly!

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