Joe’s fillet brazed road frame, the George Street hillclimb, and more

So Joe’s bike is finished (completely since these shots were taken) and I’m waiting until I get back from vacation to do the paint. It seemed like it might be a little labor intensive so I didn’t think I should rush it. Here are the current shots. The next ones will blow your mind.

img_3320.JPG img_3317.JPG
img_3316.JPG img_3315.JPG
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The Major Taylor Association’s annual George Street hillclimb was this past weekend and everyone was so fast!! The winning time was under 23 seconds by Rich Hollenbeck. Which basically means he averaged 15 miles an hour up an 18 percent grade. Crazy. We had a good Circle A turnout with myself, Hilary, Brent, Ken, and the Burkes. Congratulations to Liane Burke for getting 3rd!

brianchapman-on-deck.jpg img_3239.JPG img_3283.JPG
img_3306.JPG img_3271.JPG img_3310.JPG

I also did a couple of repaints including this Moser track frame that has been around the block. I’ve seen it exchange hands several times and it has definitely seen some wear and tear. I was happy to get it back to riding condition again.

img_3199.JPG img_3195.JPG
img_3194.JPG img_3196.JPG img_3197.JPG

And Adam finally came by and built up his bike. He put all SRAM Red on there with a nice set of DT wheels. The final weight with the pedals was 16.5 pounds! Can’t wait to hear the full ride report.

img_3205.JPG img_3209.JPG img_3213.JPG

I wish this frame was for me.

Chris’s cross bike is painted, frame-saved, and ready for shipping. I’ll be sad to see it go. The paint is a classic blue with white panels and silver lug-lining. Here are the shots of the finished bike. Absolutely gorgeous.

img_2978.JPG img_2965.JPG img_2984.JPG
img_3005.JPG img_2993.JPG img_2996.JPG
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I also painted a gas tank for Tom from White Electric Coffee. It came out pretty sweet and I should have some more pictures of it soon on the bike.


Joe’s fillet brazed road frame is up next as well as a bunch of repaints. It’s going to be a busy week so check back for more updates.