Brian’s flatland frame (different Brian)

Believe it or not, but there’s another flatlander in RI named Brian. Well, I’m building a frame for him and it’s coming along nicely. He had me do a slight drop in the seat stays similar to the way I did Jon’s way back when. Here’s the progress so far.

img_3867.JPG img_3868.JPG
img_3865.JPG img_3869.JPG

And Tom from White Electric pulled up to the coffee shop on the motorcycle I painted the tank on. Looks pretty sweet.

img_3871.JPG img_3873.JPG

Bikes on bikes on bikes on a bike

Joe’s frame is painted and ready to be sent off. The paint scheme was done with a brush and many small vinyl stencils. It was time consuming but I’m happy with the colors and the overall feel of it. Here are the shots of the finished frame and some of the actual process.

 img_3794.JPG img_3801.JPG
img_3805.JPG img_3832.JPG img_3809.JPG img_3811.JPG
img_3819.JPG img_3853.JPG img_3826.JPG
See the full slideshow.

Brian’s (not me) flatland frame is coming up next so check back soon.