Fillet brazed bottom brackets are sexy. There, I said it.

It’s been a while since I’ve written so here’s the lowdown on what I’ve been up to at the shop. I’ll omit the graphic details of badly burning my arm and being covered with paint stripper. What’s left is a bunch of shiny frames ready to be built up and beat on. Brian K.’s flatland frame is done and I’m digging his paint scheme. He went with an orange plaid with red bands. Very unique. The dropouts on the front and rear were milled out to 14mm and the bars and fork were painted to match. The fork is KGB’s new space fork with low profile brakes. Check out a little demo if you have a minute.

img_4063.JPG img_3953.JPG img_3994.JPG
img_4023.JPG img_4022.JPG img_4007.JPG
img_4009.JPG img_4017.JPG img_4014.JPG
img_4016.JPG img_4019.JPG img_4010.JPG
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The latest fillet brazed cross frame with seat mast is for Dan Langlois. Dan moved to Philly but is still a Circle A supporter so we’ll always support him. This bike is painted to match the Embrocation team bikes. Thanks to Chris Igleheart for helping me identify the paint. The Embrocation logo is on the back of the seat tube. Check out the fancy Circle A gusset at the down tube/head tube junction. Can wait to see this one built up.

img_3957.JPG img_3985-1.JPG img_3973.JPG img_3991.JPG
img_3958-1.JPG img_3963.JPG img_3969.JPG img_3987.JPG
img_3977.JPG img_3975.JPG
img_4060-1.JPG img_3966.JPG
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I built a road bike bike for our friend and honey bee advisor, Ron, earlier this year. This is his old Peugeot that I stripped and painted. It’s a great frame with Simplex dropouts and Vitus tubing. All the rust is gone and the chrome was buffed new. Here’s the final product.

img_4043.JPG img_4035.JPG img_4029.JPG
img_4042-1.JPG img_4040-1.JPG
img_4047-1.JPG img_4025.JPG
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Jay’s lugged beauty is coming up next but right now it’s just a box of lugs and tubes. Arthi’s lugged single speed is also happening as soon as the lugs arrive. Mike’s fillet brazed single speed will be up after that. September will be busy so check back soon.


One thought on “Fillet brazed bottom brackets are sexy. There, I said it.”

  1. Holy HOTness! Dan’s bike is schaaweeet! Purpose-built for racing, yet graceful & beautiful…w/a paintjob to match! LOVE that DT/HT gusset!!

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