Arthi rides off and Mike’s is coming together.

Arthi’s gunsmoke and fuchsia single speed is done. So done that she rode it away two days ago with Katie and her new 8-speed commuter that Chris built. It’s always exciting to see a bike that we’ve built get ridden away by its new owner. After two and a half weeks of metalworking and painting, I have to let go and trust that it’s in good hands. I might be exaggerating a little…but only just a little. Here are the shots I got of it before building it up.


img_4262.JPG img_4260.JPG img_4231.JPG
img_4254.JPG img_4250.JPG
img_4232.JPG img_4223.JPG
img_4269.JPG img_4267.JPG
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The current project is a fillet brazed single speed for Mike. It’s pretty minimalist with very few braze-ons and svelte little dropouts. Along with the fillet brazed frame, the unicrown fork and stem are also fillet brazed. So much brass, so little time. More pictures to come soon.


img_4213.JPG img_4277.JPG img_4276.JPG

img_4275.JPG img_4274.JPG

img_4279.JPG img_4281.JPG
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