Mike’s green machine, A.N.T. open house, and a repair in progress

I’ve finished Mike’s single speed and am very happy with the finished product. The fillet brazed fork and stem complement the frame nicely and I love the paint scheme. He picked up some sweet components including the White Industries ENO crankset. Can’t wait to see it built up.

img_4372.JPG img_4376.JPG img_4369.JPG
img_4392.JPG img_4368.JPG img_4377.JPG
img_4383.JPG img_4379.JPG
img_4366.JPG img_4401.JPG
img_4408.JPG img_4398.JPG
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On Saturday, 10 of us headed up to Mike Flanigan’s shop from Providence for the annual A.N.T. open house. Amazingly crisp, sunny, autumn ride through the scenic roads around his shop. On returning, I ate more Indian food than my body could handle. If you missed it, mark your calendar so you make it next year. Here are some shots of us from the day. Jim was missing from the group shot. Where were you, man?


img_4354.JPG img_4344.JPG

In the shop I’m currently giving some new life to an older Nishiki by replacing a crumpled downtube and switching over to track dropouts. It’s almost there right now. Painting will happen later this week.

img_4413.JPG img_4414.JPG

And finally, Katie and Arthie rode off on their new bikes a week and a half ago but I forgot to share the shot. Here are the ecstatic ladies on their new rides.


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