Lek’s single speed

It has been a while since my last post and I’ve been working on a frame and fork for a bike heading to Thailand. These shots look pretty raw but it’s now ready for paint. I should have pictures of the finished product posted by the end of the week.

img_4481.JPG img_4480.JPG img_4478.JPG
img_4485.JPG img_4487.JPG

We’ve been lucky at the shop and have had fairly warm weather. We still have yet to turn the heat on. And when I say heat, I mean our old torpedo friend. We did acquire a wood burning stove but sadly were not allowed to have it installed. If anyone wants to donate jumpsuits to me and Chris, send them directly to the shop. We’re a size small.

I’ve also been busy doing repairs on miscellaneous bikes and repaints for a couple builders in Boston. Here are some shots of those and…

img_4468.JPG img_4466.JPG img_4473.JPG

…in the not so important yet still kind of fun news, I’ve been toying around with the idea of building another retro-direct bicycle. The last one I made was in 2002 from an old Harry Quinn. I recently picked up an old Biemmezeta frame and will be brazing on a derailleur pulley on the driveside chainstay. Two speed excitement is on the way.

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  1. Hi Guys, saw one of your bikes in town, today,( New Plymouth, New Zealand), have had to do a google to find you. It was a nice looking bike, and had been well made and painted. Keep up the good work, and now find us on the map.

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