¡Ay Gios mío!

I recently did a restoration on a mid-80’s Gios Torino. It came in with a lot of rust but it had a ton of potential. The finished product is better than new. The full slideshow has the complete before and after pics.

See the full slideshow

Cross season is just about over and this past weekend usually marks the final two races. It was the NBX cross weekend at Goddard Park here in Rhode Island. Winter came a bit earlt with freezing temperatures on Saturday and snow and ice on Sunday. Fun stuff. Dan, Jack, and I were there representing on Circle A’s. Thanks to Cyclocrossphoto.com and Kris Dobie for letting me post these here.


In not so interesting news, I made a 24 tooth single speed freewheel for the retro-direct project bike. Things are moving along at a glacial pace but it’s not the highest priority right now. But I’m sure I’ll be posting more about it soon.

10 thoughts on “¡Ay Gios mío!”

  1. hi brian!

    I’m curious, in the case of a restoration like this: can you get the graphics/ templates/ decals (I can’t tell, is it paint or a transfer?) from the original manufacturer / framebuilder…? did you have to re-create them by hand, with illustrator or something, based on the original bike graphics? or are they new graphics from the manufacturer? I’ve seen you paint crazy patterns (plaid! lace!) with masking stencil film stuff, but how did you do this one, with all the sharp letterforms?

    so beautiful: this is my favorite favorite kind of bike (well, obviously!).

  2. Hey Jean,

    Actually there are places that still create reproductions of those transfers. Pretty much anything is still available. So when you’re ready to have your fancy old Italian frame repainted, we can make it like new!

    Take care,

  3. There are few colors to rival Gios blue. You guys do amazing work. Will you be in Indy in February at the show?

  4. Oh, sweet mother of all that is holy, what a restoration! Tell me, did you clear coat over the decals ? Also, I really dig the logo you put on a head tube, any chance I can bum it off you (I have a 1990 Gios Compact and it needs a new badge badly…)?

    Mind you, I took a look at your other bikes and they are super cool. Keep up the good work, can’t wait to see more!



  5. Hi Nenad,

    Thanks! We did clearcoat over the transfers. The old decals will start to curl up if you don’t. Also, Chris pointed out that it’d look funny going from the high gloss clear to the satin decal. If we have an extra one lying around, I’ll get in touch with you. Otherwise you could check out H. Lloyd Cycles in the UK.

    Good luck,

  6. Hi

    What an awesome restoration there bud!! But how did you come up with the gios blue paint, is it your own mix, and do you have a colour code?
    i need some help, cous im gonna repaint my gios compact anytime soon..

    Have a good one

  7. I have the same question regarding the blue as the previous comment, I have two Gios Torino Super Records in need of a respray and wow, yours looks the best.

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