Stolen Circle A

I know recovering stolen bikes is near impossible but it never hurts to try. Our friend Nathan had his work bike stolen recently here in Providence, RI. It is very distinct fillet brazed frame with two stainless steel sleeves on the top tube and down tube with the Circle A logo carved into them. It also had Paul Components adjustable dropouts with stainless faces and about a 1/4″ cut off the ends. It is black and says “Nathan—Since 1976” on the top tube in silver and DASH Delivery on the non-driveside chainstay. If you have any information about this bike, please contact DASH Delivery at 401-864-DASH. Thanks.

[UPDATE: Nathan’s bike was found by our friend Andy! It’s still in great condition and is back to work. Thanks for everyone who kept an eye out for it. It’s not common to get a stolen bike back so this town must be pretty special.]



6 thoughts on “Stolen Circle A”

  1. I saw this bike in your ‘album’ a while back and thought those stainless sleeves are about the best looking feature I’ve seen on any bike ever. I hope the bike turns up. Good luck.

  2. Man, I am sooooo sad that bike is stolen! I used to drool at that bike when I was walking around downtown. I also know how long those stainless steel plates took. Please someone find that bike!

  3. So sad. I talked with Brent about setting up a “Donate to Nate’s Stolen Circle A” fund, should it not turn up.

    And of course if I see someone else other than you on the bike… I will empty a can of Mace.

  4. I know how much time is spent on great circle a bike and I will be sure to keep my eyes out while riding around.

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