I paint, therefore I am

Over the past month I’ve been a painting fiend. It might just be because we have to warm up the shop considerably to paint. Or maybe it’s just because everyone wants a refurbished frame for the coming spring. Spring is coming, right? Anyway, here’s what I’ve been working on as of late.

This 1989 Paramount belongs to Bob from Bikeworks over in Swansea. it came in with a dark forest metallic green and it was redone it with the green prismatique that you see here.

img_5056 img_5052 img_5051
img_5005 img_5053 img_5054
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Our other friend Bob brought in this vintage Falcon San Remo that already had some braze-ons and paint work done on it. I stripped it and put even more braze-ons on it to make it into a nice touring machine. The Eclipse rack was painted to match.

img_4929 img_4928 img_4927
img_4914 img_4909 img_4949
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Marc’s large Raleigh Super Course came in stripped and is going out looking better than new. Isn’t that our goal? The black looks so wet we’re almost afraid to touch it. Thanks to Marc for the book, The Competition Bicycle as well. We love it!

img_5020 img_5014 img_5032
img_5039 img_5043 img_5049
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We also do paintwork for several local frame builders. This is an Icarus from Boston that was painted a gorgeous canary yellow with white details.

img_4974 img_4972 img_4984
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And here’s a Royal H also from Boston in a dark blue metallic.

img_4993 img_4990 img_4997
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There seems to be a plethora of builders out of Connecticut nowadays. Dwight Bowen is one of the many talented builders over there. Here’s a monochromatic beauty I recently finished.

img_4933 img_4943 img_4945
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And finally, this is the Biemmezeta that I refinished for the retro-direct project.

img_4905 img_4898 img_4897
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So enough of the paint fumes for now, next up is Chris L.’s tall single speed. Pictures will be posted this week. Stay tuned!

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