What’s old is new again

Two old bikes had makeovers recently at the shop. One was an early 80’s Lotus and the other an 80’s Lemond. The Lotus was our new friend Allison’s commuter that she wanted to rejuvenate. We stripped it and repainted it and put on a brand new Shimano 105 triple group. Here’s the final product.

img_5524 img_5527
img_5537 img_5542
img_5552 img_5551
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The other project was Paul’s vintage Lemond that he wanted new paint and decals for. Paul had recently had us restore his old Silca pump. The Lemond got a pretty blue paint job with masked yellow lugs.

img_5503 img_5504
img_5502 img_5517
img_5505 img_5500
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And in the jig right now is Steven’s single speed. The fork has been built and the lugs are carved and ready for brazing. I won’t finish it until next week after I return from the North American Handmade Bicycle Show. I’ll tell you all about that too.

img_5565 img_5563
img_5569 img_5566

Bike thieves suck.

The latest Circle A to be completed is Nathan’s new work bike to replace the one that was stolen a little while back. I didn’t do the stainless lock protecting sleeves on the top tube and down tube this time so we’ll see how the paint holds up in those areas. I did build it with the integrated seat mast though. Here are some shots of it before it hit the streets.

img_5353 img_5336
img_5369 img_5341
img_5349 img_5351
img_5357 img_5398
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Next in line is a single speed for Steven. Before that one, I’ll have pictures of Paul’s Lemond repaint and Allison’s Lotus. Check back soon!

Chris’ single speed is complete

So things are definitely picking up as we roll into February. Chris L’s single speed is painted and ready to ride. Check out the pics of this beauty. The light and darker yellow combination is pretty rad. The subtle contrast between the main tubes and lugs is so pleasing to the eye. The lines are sharp as a tack making it a fine frame to check out up close.

img_5203 img_5200
img_5191 img_5188
img_5184 img_5182
img_5180 img_5192
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Nathan T. is getting a new work bike to replace the stolen one. Ugh. All bike thieves need a good poke in the eye. So infuriating how selfish and unfeeling they are. Anyway, all the tubes are mitered, the fork is done, and it’s coming together nicely.

img_5287 img_5296 img_5289

To make my life more confusing, the frame after Nathan T’s is for another Nathan T. Believe it. I love it. I’m just glad they’re different size people who want different style bikes with different brands of tubing. Phew.