Bike thieves suck.

The latest Circle A to be completed is Nathan’s new work bike to replace the one that was stolen a little while back. I didn’t do the stainless lock protecting sleeves on the top tube and down tube this time so we’ll see how the paint holds up in those areas. I did build it with the integrated seat mast though. Here are some shots of it before it hit the streets.

img_5353 img_5336
img_5369 img_5341
img_5349 img_5351
img_5357 img_5398
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Next in line is a single speed for Steven. Before that one, I’ll have pictures of Paul’s Lemond repaint and Allison’s Lotus. Check back soon!

2 thoughts on “Bike thieves suck.”

  1. Beautiful frame, exceptional paintjob…

    Rather funny selection of parts [therefore practical. hassle-free ], not corresponding with the frame… chunky handle bars and stem, threadless forks … cranks…rims…

    well, it is my opinion so no need to be offended by my comment… [disclaimer]

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