Matt’s bike is complete and the Circle A open house is this weekend!

So Matt’s single speed is polished, painted, and ready to be built up! This bike is probably one of the more over-the-top ones that I’ve ever done. It has the stainless logos on the downtube, stainless headbadge, stainless dropout faces, and polished stainless fork crown and lugs. Many hours went into getting the bike to this level. The stripes on the seat tube were inspired by some vintage bicycle painting styles to give the bike a little bit of a classic feel.

img_6665 img_6631
img_6637 img_6636
img_6678 img_6658
img_6657 img_6634
img_6667 img_6670
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I also built several fillet brazed stems recently and painted them to match the bikes they’re going on (including one for Matt’s blue bike). One quill and two threadless and all with recessed binder bolts. Check ’em out in all their silky smooth glory.

img_6587 img_6586 img_6684

And finally, this Sunday, May 31st is our annual open house eat ‘n’ drink shindig! We’ll have some stuff but please BYO whatever you want. Bring your bike! Invite your friends, and let us know if you have any questions. We also have a fresh stock of t-shirts for sale and finally are making prints of Alec’s famous Circle A poster, courtesy of IO Labs! If you’ve never been here and need directions, check out the map.

Paramount déjà vu and polishing stainless

I just finished another Schwinn Paramount frame repaint for Andrew in New Jersey. This one came in as a blue bike and left a beautiful metallic green. Even though I didn’t do the lug lining, I’m very happy with the cleanliness of the paint to chrome transitions. If you have a Paramount you want refinished, it seems that now is the time to send it over for a refinish. It’s getting to be second nature for me.

img_6285 img_6284
img_6289 img_6292
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Matt’s single speed is ready for paint as I can now see myself in his fork crown and lugs. We’re still in the process of ironing out the paint. I’ll also be making a custom stem for this one.

img_6314 img_6316
img_6320 img_6317
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And speaking of custom stems, I just finished a 90° quill stem for Patrick over at Javaspeed. Here it is pre-paint. It’ll be yellow with a pearl coat just like his bike.


Check back soon as Ralph’s 953 bike is still in progress. I’ll have pictures to share very soon.