Paramount déjà vu and polishing stainless

I just finished another Schwinn Paramount frame repaint for Andrew in New Jersey. This one came in as a blue bike and left a beautiful metallic green. Even though I didn’t do the lug lining, I’m very happy with the cleanliness of the paint to chrome transitions. If you have a Paramount you want refinished, it seems that now is the time to send it over for a refinish. It’s getting to be second nature for me.

img_6285 img_6284
img_6289 img_6292
See the full slideshow.

Matt’s single speed is ready for paint as I can now see myself in his fork crown and lugs. We’re still in the process of ironing out the paint. I’ll also be making a custom stem for this one.

img_6314 img_6316
img_6320 img_6317
See the full slideshow.

And speaking of custom stems, I just finished a 90° quill stem for Patrick over at Javaspeed. Here it is pre-paint. It’ll be yellow with a pearl coat just like his bike.


Check back soon as Ralph’s 953 bike is still in progress. I’ll have pictures to share very soon.

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