The first of several Daves

So this latest frame is for letter press whiz Dave Wofford. This is a road/touring/commuter frame that was built specifically for use with the Paul Racer brakes. It has Henry James front and rear stainless dropouts, rack mounts, and fender mounts (including the secret one in the fork steer tube). The lugs were carved from the Richard Sachs’ Rene Singer set. I’ll be sad to see this one go as it totally brightens up the shop. The blue is definitely striking in the sun and works well with the champagne and copper accents. There’s also a secret pearl layer with gingko leaves over the panels. Check it out.

IMG_7346 IMG_7348
IMG_7350 IMG_7355
IMG_7359 IMG_7361
IMG_7380 IMG_7388
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Finished frames in good hands

These two bikes are the only bikes that I’ve built and had other people paint. The first one is a cross bike for my friend Jay Nutini. He’s an amazing auto restoration artist who wanted to polish the stainless lugs and paint his frame/fork/stem/seatpost on his own. He put a lot of time into finishing this frame and got a big hand with the downtube design and lug lining from his girlfriend Josie. I think we made a pretty good team. He currently has it set up for road use and tested it by riding 150 miles last weekend!

IMG_7318 IMG_7315
IMG_7307 IMG_7305
IMG_7304 IMG_7288
IMG_7282 IMG_7280
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The other frame was a cross bike as well for our good friend and painter Nathan Trombly. Nathan has an amazing amount of skill in the booth. He used to work at Independent Fabrications a couple of years back and at Circle A before he went to nursing school. Well, he’s back at the shop but we’re not sure for how long because he just passed his RN exam! Congratulations! He did his own design for the Circle A logo as well. It has internal cable routing, no polished headbadge, and he’s rockin’ the seatmast. I’ll make sure I get a picture of the complete bike up here soon as it looks pretty mean built up.

IMG_7008 IMG_7012
IMG_7019 IMG_7017
IMG_7028 IMG_7031
IMG_7033 IMG_7025
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We also got some new additions to the shop. Our landlady handed me a bag with a kitten in it about a week ago. This little girl is Burger Time, Jr. Or possibly BT, Time Bandit, or maybe just Kitty. She’s cute though and is guarding the office so beware. We also acquired another Bridgeport milling machine via our friend Jim Frain. We now have two monsters of metal at the shop. Can’t wait to cut some tubes on it!

IMG_7201 IMG_6717

Dave Wofford’s bike is just about done so check back early next week for his new frame and fork!