Bottecchia restored

Here are some shots of an 80s Bottecchia restoration I did recently. Lug lining galore with the steady hand and a brush. Justin’s single speed is coming up next. Paint is happening as I type this…sort of. Check back for more updates very soon.

IMG_8710 IMG_8711
IMG_8714 IMG_8718
IMG_8719 IMG_8723

4 thoughts on “Bottecchia restored”

  1. Hi. I have an Bottecchia SL/SLX, similar to the one you have restored. Same colors. I was wondering where you found the decals and paint to restore the bike? I can only find one guy in Australia that has the correct labels, but he’s only selling them in red/white. Any help and or tips for restoring my bike are greatly appreciated. Please email me if you have any helpful tips!


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