Justin’s sandstone single speed

I don’t build a lot of bikes with wishbone seat stays but I love them so. My personal single speed has one and I can understand why Justin would want one too. It takes the simplicity of the single speed to another level. The thing that makes this bike most distinct is the fork crown which was custom shaped into a sloping crown from a blockish sand cast Davis fork crown. That is a task I won’t be taking on again anytime too soon. Carving the crown left me filling the top fork blade cavities with two nickels shaped and then silver brazed in. You’d never know by looking at it. That’s the goal, right? I did this because finding a sloping round blade crown is near impossible these days. Holes were drilled for a circular theme throughout. The paint is a sandstone/champagne color with black panels and white details. Very understated. I love it.

IMG_8882 IMG_8918
IMG_8890 IMG_8892
IMG_8893 IMG_8901
IMG_8905 IMG_8909
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Dan C’s full on track frame is next…once he finally picks his color!

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