One more BMX frame

I said I wasn’t going to build anymore BMX frames but here I go again. This black and gold street frame is for Adam who I’ve built a bike for before. This was built with a combination of straight gauge and True Temper tubing and weighs in at around 3.75 pounds. The dropouts are definitely large by today’s standards so I could have take even more weight off. We shall see how this holds up at Rye Airfield. David K.’s commuter is up next!

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14 thoughts on “One more BMX frame”

  1. A lot of work goes into every frame but most BMXers don’t care about it. There are already too many bikes on the market as it is. I’m not completely ruling out anymore but not anytime soon.

  2. Just lower your standards, that’s all. Or REALLY step it up and blow the entire bmx world away with mind-blowing big-b quality…

    Bigger Hats, More Fire!!

  3. The frame is a show stopper, no doubt.
    Unfortunately, few BMXers are going to really understand the time and labor that went into making it.
    It’s tough to compete when a USA made top tier frame is $500.00.

    But look at this thing!!! Incredible. I’ll get ya’ll a link to the final build soon as I’m done moving.

  4. I love the frame, but very few would ever pay what it’s worth because of the cost. Us BMXers are use to low prices and besides, they get beat up quickly and the technology is still changing rapidly.

    Also, a top tier US-made BMX frame is closer to $350.

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