Leif’s cross commuter

The latest frame and fork completed here at the shop is Leif’s cross/commuter. The Zona tubing, top tube cable routing, horizontal top tube, fender mounts, and rack mounts make this cross bike a great commuter as well. The white and green paint was a scheme that Leif came up with complete with the Unibird on the seat tube. Leif’s is guaranteed to win his commute with this one.

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This Bruce Gordon Rock ‘n Road touring frame/fork/stem was a respray in our popular dark blue pearl. This bike will be a real stunner in the sunlight. The blue over silver has a real bright candy effect. I’m pretty sure it makes the bike go faster too.

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So things are still busy here at the shop with lots of repairs and repaints. Get ready to see a revamped Serotta, Lemond, and Hetchins. But right I’m focusing on the current bikes in the queue. Isaac’s commuter with custom rack was just finished as well as a couple of the steel Gaulzetti frames. The 953 tubesets have arrived and Noriyuki’s polished stainless lugged frameset is in progress!

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  1. I was going to ask “Leif Who?”, then I saw the goony bird and it all made sense…

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