Hannah’s second Circle A!

Repeat customers are the best! They’re already happy people and getting a second bike makes them twice as happy, right? This is Hannah’s road bike and partner to her cyclocross bike. This is the most sparkly frame I’ve ever painted/made. It’s also the first time I made my own headtube reinforcement rings from stainless tubing. I think it looks pretty nice with the stainless headbadge and seat collar.

See the full slideshow.

In other news, this Zanconato was a collaboration between Chris and I. It came in with a seized seatpost and broken rear dropout. Chris took care of the post and dropout replacement and I took care of the paint. This is how it’ll be leaving the shop. Next up are the 953 frames…finally!


3 thoughts on “Hannah’s second Circle A!”

  1. Can I get some fork stands welded onto my flatland fork? I think I’m onto a new style.

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