Mark’s stainless 953 road frame

Stainless tubing is not exactly a framebuilder’s best friend. Reynolds 953 is apparently one of the hardest tube sets to machine and I will vouch for that. It is a hacksaw blade killer, a hole saw’s worst enemy, and a challenge for any file. I ended up doing this one the same way as the previous one which is mitering everything by hand. I used the oversized version of the Llewellyn Slant 6 lug set in stainless so he could use the 1 1/8″ Easton EC90 fork. The entire frame is silver brazed with all stainless cable guides, bridges, bosses, etc. The frame could have been left raw but why do that when you can have cool paint? Orange with masked lugs, pinstripes, and contrasting bands. Nice choice, Mark!

See the full slideshow.

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