Saved Serotta

If this Serotta could talk, it’d probably complain about its achy joints, but that’s only because it has been ridden in countless brevets, centuries, and double-centuries as well as ridden across the country two and a half times! The endurance rider who owns this frame and fork, John, bought it new from Serotta in 1981. The reason it came into our shop was because of two significant cracks that formed over time in the head tube and the top tube. Not from an impact but just from excessive wear and tear! We replaced those two tubes and the head lug and then did a complete repaint. Check out the results.


This large Trek also came through the shop recently for some some paint after it had some alterations done by the talented Chris Bishop in Baltimore. It had a Silca pump and some Honjo fenders painted to match but I failed to take pictures of those. Oh well. More repairs and another stainless 953 frame are coming up next!


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