Jared’s single speed and a Tanguy

To continue on with Circle A’s world domination, we’re sending this one to one of our neighbors to the north. This fillet brazed single speed cruiser will soon be rolling around the streets of Edmonton, Alberta. The Jack Brown 33c tires and the Nitto Albatross bars make this an incredibly comfortable bike to ride. It’s built with Dedacciai Zero Uno tubing throughout. There’s something about gloss black paint on a smooth brass joint that makes me smile. I’ve always been obsessed with smooth fillet brazed bottom brackets and continue to try and perfect a very liquid looking shell. I’m pleased with how this one turned out. I’m aware that no one is really looking down there after all the components are installed but we try to pay attention to the details. Check it out.

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When Bob brought this Tanguy in, I had no clue as to its origins. Bob enlightened me that Tanguys were built in Somerville, MA by Ron Horowitz and that in the 70’s he had apprenticed with him and built this frame and fork. I was impressed with his work and was happy to do a couple of modifications to the frame to make it more of a commuter style bike with 700c wheels. After the changes, we gave it a nice blue and cream paint job.

See the full slideshow.

It has been 1,000,000°F pretty much everyday this summer so we’ve had to alter some of our paint techniques to accommodate Mother Nature’s cruelty. Here are a red Lemond and a purple/black single speed that are fresh out of the booth.


And finally, I got married! Hilary and I made the leap late June. Now it’s back to work and build, build, build! Coming up next is Brian P.’s road bike, John #1’s single speed, John #2’s Rohloff bike, and Jay/Josie’s tandem. Yowza!

5 thoughts on “Jared’s single speed and a Tanguy”

  1. love the single speed (giving my ideas for my next circle a, though this is several years away, i think!). really classy.

    congrats! the sepia photograph is great.

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