I’ll get you there faster

The latest and longest bike is a tandem for our very good friends Jay and Josie who tied the knot about a week ago. I finished building up this tandem literally hours before their wedding ceremony. It was a collaboration between myself, Josie, and Jay who did the paint work on it. There are only two Circle As out there that were painted by the customer and they were both by Jay. He has many years invested in the paint booth and can easily achieve the high quality finish we like to see on our bikes. Josie did all the lettering you see by hand with a brush. These guys are one of the most talented and ambitious couples I know. Between getting married and meeting work/art project deadlines, they also started the Providence Juice Company. Check out their truck parked out near Frog & Toad on Saturday mornings!

See the full slideshow.

This Holdsworth came in with a large dented top tube and chipping paint. I fixed the dent by rolling the tube in a tubing block to get it back to round. Then I filled it with silver and filed it smooth. A little bit of body filler and sanding before primer and it was magically gone! We added a bunch of braze-ons while the paint was off and then gave it a fresh coat of butter cream with only one simple Holdsworth decal on the headtube. Now it’s a super sharp ride again!

See the full slideshow.

And it might look like I’ve only been painting bikes white and cream for the past few months but I’ve had other colors in the gun for these frames. Two bikes for Dwight Bowen of Bowen Bicycle Works out of Connecticut, one from Nash Bicycles out of Baltimore loosely inspired by a Confente, one Terry that was a raffle prize for Amanda Resch with the awesome Team Dresch reference on the top tube, and one for Providence framebuilder Jim Frain of Dharma Cycles.


Lee Berman’s bike is done and I’ll post pictures of that very soon. Then it’s on to Alex and Brent’s cyclocross frames. Should probably hurry on those as the season is happening right now!

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  1. WOW! The craftsmanship of the tandem is in a class by itself! Those fillets (especially on the bottom brackets) are flawless! Great job.

    Are you building your own disc forks now?

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