Race to the race!

I like having deadlines. Even if I rarely meet them, they help keep me moving along. This bike’s deadline was this weekend’s Providence Cyclocross Festival happening in Providence’s lovely Roger Williams Park. And I met it! I finished the bike on Friday morning and I baked the clearcoat for several hours before Alex started the build. Alex is an accomplished mechanic up at Boston’s Bikes Not Bombs and races on their team. He got the Chris King hubs at 8 o’clock last night and was lacing wheels and finishing the details into the wee hours. I wasn’t sure if he was going to have it ready for his 8AM race this morning but when I got to the park, he was busting around the course on it! Color me impressed. Speaking of color, Alex came up with the scheme which sort of made me nervous as paint jobs this intricate normally take several days. I managed to get the paint completed in two VERY long days. Both the frame and fork are fillet brazed on this one. I don’t normally do fillet brazed unicrown forks but it’s a nice change of pace once in a while. They’re just so smooth and strong. Check it out.

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This 68cm Nishiki came into the shop with a very 80s, pink and white paint job. The owner wasn’t too into it, so he had us strip it and do an Irish inspired kelly green complete with clover on the seat tube. We put a bunch of braze-ons for racks on there and now he’s ready to go on a nice long tour.


And I recently painted a couple bikes for Philadelphia frame builder and all around nice guy, Brendan McGrath. Sort of a unique scheme with most of the rear triangle a blood red. I like it a lot and it gives me ideas on what I can do on some future Circle As!