Some tasteful shop photos

One of our customers who’s having his vintage Richard Sachs frameset refinished came by to take some pictures of the shop for a school project and he gladly shared his shots with us and I, in turn, will share with you. Thanks Greg!

gc054 gc063
gc068 gc069
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I’ll be sharing pics of that Sachs when it’s done as well as the frame in progress currently dubbed “Mike’s Handsome Gentleman’s bike.” Check back soon.

Adam’s cross racer, the history lesson, and more

This chocolate brown with gold and cream accents, fleur-de-lis lugged cyclocross frame is already in the hands of Adam St. Germain who won’t get to race it until next season! So sad but definitely something to look forward to. There aren’t a ton of oversized lug options out there right now but there must be something in the air as I’ve already used two for the past two frames (see my last post). Check out this fanciness.

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Back in the late 70s and early 80s, Jay Downing built frames out of his garage here in Providence. Word on the street is that he made about 50 frames. I have seen only two and this was one of them. Chee-Heng had this built in December of 1980 and painted it himself as Jay gave it to him raw. It looked to have a combination of Super Vitus and Reynolds tubing and was surprisingly light! It was definitely in need of a new paint job. Chee redesigned the logos and I painted them on. The finished product is a totally classy custom frame from an obscure Providence framebuilder!


Also in the shop was a modification and repaint to an Independent Fabrication. He wanted the bike to accept 650B mountain wheels and cantilever brakes so I moved the posts and modified the cantilever brake bridge. He gave me the specs on the color and the minimal graphics and then I went to town.


I also built a couple of stems recently, a quill one for the IF repaint and a threadless oversize one for a Rygin.


Next on the agenda is Mike’s “Handsome Gentleman’s Bike”!

Brian B’s modern-classic road frame

I say modern classic because of the combination of carbon, swoopy seat stays, and paint scheme but classic round tube, horizontal top tube, lugged style. This frame was made for a rad guy named Brian B. from Alabama. It’s a road frame made from Columbus Life tubing. The paint was inspired by a bike that former Circle A builder Emily made. Very labor intensive but such a unique finished product. Can’t wait to see this one built up!


Also leaving the shop are a newly painted Terraferma and Trek. I’ve spent a lot of time in the paint booth the past few weeks so my next post will be mostly about paint work.


And more stems are being produced as well. This one is going on a Gaulzetti Issimo that I built earlier this year. More stems in production right now as well.

And that Team Raleigh I repainted a while back came back to the shop all built up and looking magnificent. Mike did a great job with the build and has rekindled his love for this bike.