Painting to match subway stops and silk shirts

Holy crap, spring is here! We’ve actually been able to open the big shop door on two separate occasions. The cats are running about and we’re breathing fresh(ish) air. This is the perfect time to be getting a bike and Gillian is one of those lucky people. Her road bike is decked out with the latest Shimano 105 triple group. The paint scheme was based on a series of tiles that are in the Hoyt-Schermerhorn subway station in Brooklyn. Very positive colors but not too bright. She’ll be riding off on this one soon!

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Also just leaving the shop is Bob’s SR. It was brought in for a 650B conversion, paint, and other alterations. I met Bob briefly at last year’s D2R2 where he was riding this bike. Great guy and I couldn’t have been happier working with him. The paint on this bike was based off of a silk shirt that he wears on rides. He’ll now be as coordinated as ever on this machine!

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Ted’s Peter Mooney recently came into the shop for a repaint and a new front rack. Lots of lug masking to get the subtle contrast but it looks fantastic right down to the gold lining on the head lugs and smooth brass fillets on the rack. It’s back at Legend Bicycle over on Brook Street where Jack is giving it the royal treatment.

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I made this fork and tiny rear rack for a Tournesol and painted them to match for our friend Ryan. The rear rack design is as simple as it gets; It’s just for clasping down a jacket or small bag (note the stainless bits for the straps). I did some minor alterations to the crown as requested to get some nice simple lines to complement the frame. Check it out.


Lastly, I recently acquired a Parlee Z4 frameset. This is going to be my first time on a carbon bike. I wasn’t too into the panel graphics that were on there originally so I painted it a sparkly blue with some solid logos with silver outlines. As far as carbon bikes go, this is a good looking frame. My heart is still with steel though!


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  1. Hey Brian, I saw the Peter Mooney at the Legend Bike shop late this afternoon, beautiful paint work! The lug lining was perfect! Great job on the rack also. Jack was installing the Gilles Berthoud H/Bar bag which fit your rack very nicely. Excellent work!

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